Official Statement

The group of companies led by Chairman Esteve Calzada confirms that it has signed an agreement with a group of six investors -all of them overseas based- for them to become shareholders of Centre d’Esports Sabadell FC, currently playing at Spanish 2a Division B.

Through this agreement, the new investors have committed to subscribe 900,000€ at capital increase approved at last Shareholders Assembly, once legal priority period offered to existing shareholders has expired. On the other side, it is also confirmed that Esteve Calzada’s group will subscribe 900,000€ in new shares, which means that 100% of new shares from capital increase will have been subscribe once the regulatory paperwork is completed.

Contracts signed today also reflect that new investors have agreed to inject the necessary funds to finance the club over the next 3 seasons, by leading several capital increases that will gradually dilute current majority shareholders. However, this is subject to reaching the necessary agreements with short term club creditors, in order to agree a mid-long term payments calendar that allows concentrating as much resources as possible to assemble -already this season- the most competitive squad possible.

Esteve Calzada’s team will continue to run Centre d’Esports Sabadell, and alongside the six new investors will participate in future capital increases as well, so in total it will be seven shareholders that will conform club’s new controlling group. Likewise, the new investors will be entitled a mínimum of two seats at club’s Board of Directors.

A press conference will take place on Monday August 26th at Nova Creu Alta stadium to share more details about this historical dea with the participation of Pau Morilla-Giner, one of the six new investors and that will act as speaker of new investors group. Pau Morilla-Giner, Sabadell born and established in London, is 41 and is Partner and Chief Investments Officer at London & Capital Asset Management.

Sabadell, August 19th 2019